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Arthur Edward William Evans

B. 26.3.30 - d. 17.10.15 Miss you Dad. Every. Single. Day.

Harry John Bonar

This was for our beautiful grandson Harry John Bonar who passed away aged just 4 days old. His father, brother and grandfather have been or still are crew members.

Peter Nech

Love you and miss you every day. Thanks for the memories and laughter xxx

Mr Smith

RIP Mr Smith


Remembering John Squires (1926-2018). Dad loved the sea & had great respect for the RNLI. We spent many an afternoon in the cafe at the RNLI Poole. A Poole man all his life it was comforting to know the Agnes AP Barr on which his name appears was built in Poole. And also to know it will be based in Invergordon, one of the stops on the last holiday we took together.


He was in the navy then always at sea or nigg . Quite poignant that his name his on the invergordon boat as he fished alot of the coast lived in tain worked in nigg and passed away in invergordon hospital xx

Donna Gould

So sadly missed. Wife of Peter. Mum to John (23) Jordan (22), Wayne (18), Sammy (17), Ben (10), and little Dale (4). Always in our hearts. xxx

Mary Roberts

In memory of my dear nan. Love you always

David Woodhouse

My mother's eldest brother. We last met at her funeral. It is with deep sadness that I will now attend yours.

Hazel Marina

My Haz i miss you so much, the light went out. XX



Albert Noakes and Lilian Noakes

Mum and Dad your Always in our memories


Miss you


In memory of my Mum who loved the sea, she supported the RNLI through out her life and whose ashes were scattered from Whitby pier.


In loving memory


In loving memory of Mervyn “Jack” Gaston 1941-2019. Mervyn was a keen supporter of the RNLI, he would often say “you never know when you might need a lifeboat”. Mervyn was a qualified engineer and later an author and photographer, he spent much of his spare time pursuing his passion around the coast, photographing tugs and writing about the towage industry. Mervyn was also an accomplished model tug and lifeboat builder. A devoted husband, dad, and grandad – much missed by the whole family


This memorial is a fitting tribute to an amazing husband, dad and grandad, John Edward Mason, taken from us in January 2018. He lived in Nottinghamshire all his life and loved fishing. He thoroughly enjoyed deep sea fishing and would go out to sea when he could from various locations around the UK. He was a kind and caring man who would always help others and so we are delighted that supporting RNLI in his memory will serve to help others.

Christopher John Davies

Chris supported the RLNI and on his death, (sadly taken to soon) he left a tidy sum to the charity as a thank you for risking their lives to help others and to enable them to carry on their selfless work.


Miss you xxxx

Connie Ullah

Miss you x


In memory of a much loved Dad, Granddad and Great-granddad who passed away one year ago, aged 94. Although he lived in the Midlands all his life, many miles from the sea, he was a long time supporter and fundraiser for the RNLI. He always enjoyed his holidays on the coast and would be very pleased to have his name on the lifeboat at Invergordon, going out to save lives at sea. Thanks to the RNLI for enabling us to maintain his connection with the lifeboats and to remember him in this way.


Happy Heavenly 50th Birthday. You loved the sea and fishing. As you always said an Old sea dog at heart. Your life was our blessing, your memory a treasure. You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Love Always x

Philip Sheffield

Despite living his whole life in landlocked Birmingham, my Dad always loved the Sea, and spent nearly all his holidays in Cornwall. As my mum Edna died just as he retired, he spent his retirement years as an RNLI Governor and always took part in any RNLI Collection Day. He also enrolled all his 5 grandsons in the "Stormy Sam" Club. He would be thrilled that both he and my mum have their names on a lifeboat.


Forever missed beautiful son RIP


We miss you so much Mum, every single day. It gives us much comfort that your name will be on the new lifeboat helping to save lives. You're back on the sea, where you always wanted to be. We will love you forevever xxxx

Charles and June Haidon

Miss you so much, thank you for everything xxx


We miss you every day. Dad was a kind, loving and generous husband, father and grand father. We all miss your sense of humour and laugh


I think about you everyday. Even though we never got to meet. As you passed away 5 months before I was born. But I had the privilege of being close to Gran. She told me everything about you. And that you and me would have been close. I know how much she missed you. I also know how happy she will now be being back with you. I hope I made you happy and proud in the way I looked after Gran all these years.


Love and miss you everyday. Thank you for being an amazing Gran. Those last few days that we spent together in the hospital. Were the best and I will never forget them.


A lifelong yachtsman first with Thorpe Bay Yacht Club and later in life as Commodore at Bradwell Quay Yacht. With his wife Liz they were particularly successful in leading the Club in the early 1990's, encouraging new as well as the established members to participate in the full range of sailing and social activities. Derek understood the importance of the RNLI’s lifesaving work actively sponsoring fund-raising activities in the local sailing community.


David loved the sea and was a keen surfer in his younger days. He admired and supported the brave volunteers of the RNLI, making regular monetary contributions. He would be thrilled to know that his name lives on on this very special lifeboat. (1951-2013)


Roger lost his life to bowel cancer in 2016 aged 67. He was never happier than to be by the sea. It was his happy place. We love and miss him terribly but having his name on the new lifeboat has lifted our spirits so much. Sail with pride Rog x


Caroline was the very best wife, mother and grandmother who enjoyed life to the full until she was sadly taken too early at the tender age of 57. Loved to bits and missed every day.


Two years ago cancer cruelly robbed you of a future and us of a sister, mother and grandmother. We all still feel the pain if your loss.


Love and miss you, four long years now. I know you will be pleased to have your name on a lifeboat in support of the brave men and women who so often risk their lives to save others. xx


My Dad was born in Fraserburgh to a family with a long fishing history. He loved fishing, boats and anything generally water related. He moved to Great Yarmouth as a child and later joined the Merchant Navy and travelled the world, but eventually came back to fishing. He always seemed happiest when on water. Unfortunately he died, on his boat, aged 42. We had his name included so he could once again go to sea and it seems fitting that he will be returning to the land of his birth.


My dad was in the Royal Navy for 15 years and this dedication is to honour his service and love of the sea


My dad loved being out on a boat fishing and he would of been so proud to have seen his name on the side of the life boat.


Remembering all your voyages on RRS Discovery II to the Antarctic (1929-1939), then aboard HMS Ulster Queen on the Arctic Convoys to Murmansk and Archangel, the Mediterranean and then the Far East in WW2. All these as a Merchant seaman from the age of 17 when you sailed away from your home town of Portsmouth and your family to have amazing adventures and suffer dreadful experiences. You were so appreciative of the RNLI and so I dedicate this to you. Keep sailing. Always in my heart. xx


My Dad loved the sea and always admired the brave volunteers of the RNLI. He would be thrilled to know that his name lives on on this very special lifeboat.

Peter Crook

As children no matter where we were, we would go and find the lifeboat station if there was one. We would look in awe of how big they appeared out of the water. Yes these visits would include the shop if they had one. Even on holiday with my husband now we visit as he also likes to visit and donate. Every time we visit I remember my dad x


William Kinstrie Frame or Bill as he was known was born in Lanarkshire and in his early life worked for an electrical installation company. In the early 1970 he was sent to Invergordon to work on contruction of the oil rigs. He joined what was known as the "Glasgow Colony" He had many happy memories of this time spent there As a family man he enjoyed holiday time in Salcombe, Devon and Filey, Yorkshire both of which have lifeboats and these memories often linked to his time spent in Invergordon


David was a lifetime angler, he loved being near the water he found it very relaxing hence us moving to be near the sea when we retired, he would be so proud to see his name on the lifeboat. Sadly taken far too early by cancer, a much loved husband, father, step-father and grandad xxxx


My father is a WW11 Dunkirk veteran serving as a naval officer throughout the war. He had a great passion for the sea and during his life living in Torbay enjoyed skippering passenger vessels , went out fishing with trawlers from Brixham and had his own fishing boats . He was a great supporter of the RNLI and I am supporting his passion with this gift .


Dad was rescued from the sea when his ship was torpedoed in WW2. A very loving and generous man, he nevertheless always loved being by the sea and would be proud to know his name now spearheads the rescue of others.


Our love of lifeboats and the RNLI came from holidays in Cornwall and your love, support and unbelievable knowledge of all things RNLI.

Patrick Holding

The RNLI was the only charity he supported, and he did so because he was appalled that crews risked their lives without any government funding.


Mary lived near the sea all her life and we spent many hours together enjoying walks along the seafront or just sitting on the promenade passing the time of day. Happy times and many fond memories.


Rab would be so proud to have his name on RNLB boat .. he was a Padi Diver trained through The British Army he was a boy soldier and loved life to the full sadly he was killed by an IED in 2006 aged 47 in Iraq ... Forever in our hearts ... Forever the soldier❤️ xxx


Happy heavenly 40th Birthday Ralph you are so missed. We love you your loving Family


You loved helping your family, you also loved to be beside the Seaside, and you loved the RNLI, you will now also be helping the RNLI family too just like you did for us.


Still greatly missed, you will be in our hearts forever.


David loved Sailing his various boats. When he couldn’t manage to sail any longer he bought a powerboat and enjoyed rescuing for Waldringfield Sailing Club.


My dad introduced us to the sea at Hastings and we spent many a happy hour there, including watching the launch of the lifeboat on rescue missions. Our love of the sea was shared within all the family and stays with us today. Sadly dad has been gone for a long time but I know he will be proud to continue his love of the sea on the Shannon lifeboat and every time the lifeboat is launched.

Herbert and Patricia Miriam Ford.

Our father lived and died by the water and our mother always supported the RNLI this seemed a fitting tribute to both of them.


James F Benbow 1930-2003 out again on a lifeboat saving lives at sea.

Tristan Coxon

For Tristan my daughter Lara’s first born who sadly only lived for two days.


In Loving Memory. This is for you Claire. Wife, Mother to Sue and Gill and Grandmother to Charlie. We all miss you.


Lifeboats were always special to Sue, as her Dad was a Scarborough trawlerman and his cousins were in the Scarborough lifeboat. She would be proud to know that she’s part of the team on Agnes A P Barr


In loving memory of Lesley my late wife and mother who passed away with M.N.D. 5th February 2015,Lesley loved the sea and boats,and was a regular door to door collector for the R.N.L.I. for many years,she also ran the galley and cadets messing facilities at the Kingston Upon Thames Sea Cadet Corps for many years,Lesley worked as a Midwifery Assistant on the wards and clinic at Kingston Hospital over thirty years,she is greatly missed by all that knew her.


Carl was a bright , funny young man whose life always involved a challenge. He was a PADI diver, golfer, musician but most of all a biker. His motor bike was his great love. In 2008 a tragic accident left him with life changing injuries, those injuries changed his, his loving partner and the family's lives forever.In 2018 he passed away aged 50 leaving a hole in our hearts. RIP Carl enjoy this new challenge,may angels protect you all on the Agnes P Barr.


For our wonderful Son and brother and husband, in 6wks our lives were a rollercoaster you were diagnosed with terminal cancer and also married your soulmate even if it was only for 2 weeks before you passed away on 19/12/2016. We think you would have loved this, you loved being at the seaside and always had great respect for all RNLI volunteers. After you were taken from us so quickly this will be a lovely way to remember you for a very long time. We miss you every minute of every day xxxx


Edward always loved boats and the sea, starting with a small dinghy when very young and finally owning the yacht Easy Easy. He had many adventures during his life, a few fraught with danger, but had a wonderful life. He was a very positive man but unfortunately passed away in 2018 with cancer. He will always be in my heart and I miss him terribly. Rest in Peace my love.


My Dad loved boats and the sea. During World War 2, he served in RAF, working in air/sea rescue in Northern Ireland. Much later in life, living by Gareloch in Scotland, he was delighted to have his own small boat. He would be pleased and proud that his name is now among the many on this RNLI lifeboat.


In loving memory of my Dad, lots of love always Allison, Steve, Harry and Scarlett xxxx


In loving memory of our father Michael Foote who we lost back in 2004. Dad served in The Merchant Navy and was a lifelong supporter of the RNLI. He would be so proud to have his name on a lifeboat. We miss you every day xx


Still missing you so much dad ❤️ Thought you’d love to be on the water again ..... Valhalla


In loving memory of my father Gwyndaf Jones, a Merchant Seaman in his younger days and a true lover of the sea. He was the sole survivor of a tragic yachting accident on the Menai Straits in the early 1960's where 6 lives were lost. He always said that he was on borrowed time until his death in 1982 at the age of 52. His ashes were scattered on the Straits by Beaumaris RNLI. Always loved and still missed by all his family.


This is for my Dad. He loved the sea and was an avid fisherman. He had never learnt to swim so he always supported the RNLI as in his words 'you never know when you might need em'. We lost Dad suddenly in 2019 and I know he would be over the moon to support the RNLI in this way. Always in our hearts x

William Nixon

You will live on in this lifeboat, saving lives through a charity you always supported. We miss you every day but b death, as in life, you are helping others. With love xxx


We lost our dad back in September 1983 , you are always in our thoughts Dad , will never forget you . X

Jack Edward Dyer

Jack. You live on in the hearts and minds of your loving family you left behind.


In Loving memory of a much loved ,wonderful lady ,who was taken from us after a brave stand against illness. Forever in our hearts and minds. We love and miss you.

Ron Capers

The sea was a large part of his life, he served in both The Royal and Merchant Navy and was a lifelong supporter of the RNLI. He was President of the RNA club and supporter of the local sea cadets TS Bacchante. We have a forever by the sea fund to continue supporting the RNLI in his memory but he would be so proud to have his name on a lifeboat. Loved and greatly missed xxx


In memory of my grandad. Coxswain/Mechanic of Dun Laoghaire lifeboat from 1967 until his death in 1989, during which time he rescued 172 lives. In 1969 he was awarded the bronze medal for saving two men whose dinghies had capsized in Dun Laoghaire coal harbour. Proud to be his granddaughter. He’s missed every single day. There is no more fitting way to remember you than to have your name on a lifeboat. Back where you belong Grandad!


Jonny was a multi talented and caring man. He was very much loved by his siblings, nieces and friends. Sadly he felt he had to part from this world. I know he is always by my side, and no longer suffering mental and emotional anguish. I've written a poem (first time in my life I got lyrical) which I will post along with this dedication.


My Dad Bill Sutton was in the Merchant Navy in his early years, sailing out of Liverpool and loved everything to do with the sea. He passed away in 1985 aged 52 yrs but during his lifetime with us he gave myself and my four siblings our love of the sea, which we have shared with our children and grandchildren. It means so much to us that his name appears on a lifeboat.....for those in peril on the sea.... Thank you for all you do. Linda Henshall (nee Sutton)


My father Michael Bracey was a keen sailor, yachtsman, and lifelong supporter of the RNLI. I will always cherish happy memories of sailing with him both in dinghies , and on my parent's yacht in Salcombe. I am sure he would be proud to know, as we, his family all are, that his name is on a lifeboat.


A life long supporter of the RNLI. Childhood memories of visits to Vera (Nan) at her home in Herne Bay. We would regularly visit Whitstable, Margate and Ramsgate stations. She signed us grandchildren up to Stormy Stan’s club. With childhood dreams of becoming a member of the RNLI, & a 22year career at sea, I’m now a crew member at Mudeford RNLI. Thank you nan for your love and inspiration. Now it’s your turn to go to sea. Cutting through the seas on the bow of Shannon 13-37 xx

Robert George Hunt

My father was in the Royal Navy and supported the RNLI all his life. His ashes were scattered at sea and there can be no more fitting tribute than to have his name on a lifeboat to enable him to continue to be at sea.


Our Grandad was a lifelong supporter of the RNLI. He always donated to this great cause. He passed away in 2002 and is very much missed by his family. We hope that by adding his name to the lifeboat that will be at Invergordon his memory will live on and he will be part of RNLI history.


Thank you for 50 wonderful married years. Watch over all who sail the seas especially in the Cromarty Firth where we scattered your ashes. Remembered for ever


In loving memory of a treasured father, grandfather, husband, brother and friend. May his generous and kindly spirit sail onwards.


In memory of a wonderful father and grandfather who spent most of years sailing. Never happier than “messing around on the water”. How thrilled and proud you’d be to have your name on the bow of a Lifeboat. May all who sail in her and are rescued by her be in safe hands. Carry on boating Dad x


Michael was a rowing coach who loved being on the water. In February 2015, whilst preparing to coach a crew at Putney, his launch capsized. Chiswick RNLI assisted for many hours in the search for him, but sadly Michael was not found until 5 weeks later. Michael was a fun loving family man whose smile could light up a room. We’re proud that this lifeboat carries his name, and that Michael will continue to ‘live on’. Love you always xx


Nevil would have loved to know that his name is one of many on this lifeboat as his son Paul is part of the crew at bembridge Isle of Wight .Nevil was in the navy and after coming out he had worked with boats most of his life he worked at Groves And Gutteridge boat yard cowes iow for many years he will be love riding the waves again


In loving memory of my dad, William E Whittle born in Surry May 1905, He joined the Merchant Navy at the age of 14 and spent most of his life at sea. He die tragically on 7th Aug 1956 due to an accident aboard the S S Carthew which was docked in Barry S Glam. I was 6 at the time I still have memories of him leaving a present beside my bed when he returned home, Standing on his feet and dancing around the room, and the promise he made to take me dancing on my 18th Birthday. Sadly never to be.

Bill Whomes

This dedication remembers a true gentleman that we had the luck to have as our Dad. He would tell us of his time serving in the Navy during the war, he served on Minesweepers and spoke often and with happy memories of his time up in Scotland especially at Scapa Flow. When he would speak of his passing he requested a donation to be made to The Mumbles Lifeboat which is local to us. He would have been thrilled to know his name was on a lifeboat that would serve in Scottish waters. Thank You.


Mike left us sadley on 16th July 2019, his love and passion was the Royal Navy and being out at sea. On November 10th his ashes were scattered onboard the RNLI of Hartlepool out at sea as a special request by our mum. It was an amazing but sad experience to say the least but what Mike would have wanted. Now his name is high up there on the new Shannon sailing around and doing what he loved best. Enjoy every minute of your new journey Mike as you will never be forgotten Xxxxx


To our beloved parents. May the crew and the boat sail well, stay safe and save lives.


Alison was a loving mum, devoted Grandma and very dear friend. She grew up close to the sea in Dorset and studied in Swanage. It was her dream to return to the coast and live with a sea view. Her dream is completed.


We would like to make this Dedication to our Mum / Granny who passed away on the 23rd of June 2018 , sadly missed by us all xx


In loving memory of a wonderful Son, Grandson, Brother, Nephew, Cousin and a best friend to all his Carers. Words can not express how much you are missed. Gone but never forgotten and always in our hearts and memories we will treasure forever. So proud that your name will live on, out there saving lives. Fair winds and calm seas x


Our Mum died on the 26th march 2018 and she was 31 years old and we were 8 and 6. We miss her every day. We know she is our guardian angel and now she is one of the many guardians on this boat keeping people safe at sea.

William Ronald Sykes

Ron my wonderful husband who loved and cared for me since the day we met loved and missed by everyone love you dad Sue Stephen Joanne xxxx

Carole Anne Lillywhite

A wonderful mum nan & great nan who was loved 💕 so much We miss you every day xxxxx


Dad loved the water and would be so proud to see his name on the boat going out to save lives with the brave RNLI crews xxx


Keep smiling dad x


Your bravery will live on alongside other hero’s helping people and saving lives. Sadly missed but forever in our hearts xx


My Dad knew the Solent like the back of his hand sailing his own boats and as Skipper of the University of Portsmouth’s boat “Thrift”. So here you are Dad, sailing once more. We love and miss you.xxxxxxx